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3 Reel Slots

This article is about first slots, which were the first ones to appear in the traditional casinos. Three reel fruit machines are both simple and attractive to any gambler. Here you can also find some useful information about the casino membership.


This type of fruit machines is definitely the smallest from the point of the quantity of the reels and the sum of winnings. Actually free 3 reel slots are the simplest of all puggies ever existed. The maximum amount of casino slot reels is nine, so just imagine how tiny three reel slots are in front of such “big brother”. Anyway, we should not underestimate these puggies, as they are the core of the wholesome gambling industry, its nitty-gritty and the start point of overall fruit machines.

The Characteristics of 3 Reel Slots


Three reel slots indeed are the ideal image of simplicity, as you will never find any difficult instructions, any things which attract your attention from the game, uneasy combinations or variants. The mechanism of three reels slots consists of three reels, which move together and when they stop moving, you will see whether you win or not with the help of special puggies combinations. Very often 3 reel slots for fun are accomplished with the funny and light music, which will make you feel relaxed and easy.

During the winning time the music changes into the loud warbling and is the indicator of success, remember it. It is very easy to keep in mind following symbols: BAR, sevens, brilliants and cherries. They are the key symbols of 3 reel slot machines. The coincidence of three brilliants will lead you to the jackpot!. But there is a minimal control over the game flow: at first you choose the combination, which you think will be a winning one, and after that you spin the three reel slot machine.

Nowadays there exist the best three reel slots, so there will not be any difficulties with playing or other issues. Considering the gambling strategy, whether you play with the progressive jackpot be ready for the fact, that the most amount of games will give you jackpot if you make a maximum bet. Some other reasons to gamble with the maximum bet is to make a scoop or every time win a bit amount of money. As you can see, the 3 reel slots with features, which are rather simple and manageable to remember, so play and savor.

How to Play 3 Reel Slots?


Actually there are no total difference in how to play three reel slots, five reels or even seven reel fruit machines, because the methods of playing do not change, the features and characteristic of slots substitutes in every new slot by something modern and up0to-date. There are special free 3 reel slots, which are very convenient for those who want to practice gambling. Not only that, but as a contradiction to free slots, in the gambling market exist real money slots. As you have already understood, they are played on real money and you will win also real money while playing them. There are also online and download three reel slots for fun. Download fruit machines could be gambled in your mobile device, but at first you have to find casino app on your phone and after that have fun!

Where to Play 3 Reel Slots?

If you are the trendsetter, so you will for sure be fond of online casino. But if you appreciate traditions most of all, so traditional casinos are the best variant for you. You can play 3 reel slots absolutely everywhere in the mentioned before. But do not balk one valuable issue — the casino membership. A lot of American and British casinos offer players free membership in the special gambling clubs. There are for sure many advantages of such enrollment: the percent of dropped sum is returned as a bonuses like free beverages, snacks, hotel apartments, valuable presents, but sometimes the amount is returned by cash.

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