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5 Reel Slots

The article is about the 5-reel slots, which every gambler know and which are a famous ones for many of them. Here you can find the characteristic of these type of fruit machines, how to play them in the right way and which are the best puggies software providers.Do not hesitate to read and you will obtain more fascinating data for you!



Such an essential part of any casino as slots are a kind of games of chance in the gambling industry. They are both in the traditional casino and you are able to play these at home in online casino. But still there are 5-reel slot machines in traditional casino, so while gambling there you can experience fantastic feeling of staying in the atmosphere of the gambling industry.

The word “slot” originally means “eye hole, slash” and there is a kind of connection between these words. Formerly all the fruit machines had a special slash, where the coin has to be pulled. Nowadays you also can find such machines, but they are rarities. But gambling in the Internet you will never pull the coin, you have to deposit money on your account.

In current days the classification of slot is rather big, there are 3-reel one-armed bandits, 5-reel slots, 9-reel fruit machines, progressive and bonus puggies.

The Main Characteristics of 5-reel Slots

This type of games have obviously 5 reels. Straightaway it is the most prominent type of puggies, which has a lot of different interesting and fascinating themes and which gambler is able to play either in traditional casino or in online casino. Usually the classical 5-reel slots have 20 basic lines. Paying lines in this category are less frequent: there can be 5 lines(3 horizontal and 3 vertical), 9 lines(horizontal, vertical and broken lines) and other lines.

Talking about the 5-reel games it is impossible to mention about their main rule: the more bonus functions is in the slot, the better it is for you. Free 5-reel slots with bonus offer much more opportunities and possibilities to win than a simple free five reel fruit machines.

Being a proficient gambler, you must have noticed that usually the sidelong lines are appeared to be the most beneficial. And every casino player must have asked a question how to make all the central lines such profitable as the sidelong ones? However, this is possible in 3-reel games, but free five reel slots actually are much more beneficial from than the previous ones. For sure, 3-reel puggies are casual, because there are fewer risks to lose, meanwhile 5-reel slots machines may appeared to be less beneficial. But 5 line slots have additional bonuses, wild symbols and other advantages.

How to Play 5-reel Slots?


Likely to any other games, five reel slots can be played for free, for real money, you also are able to download the favorite slot and gamble whenever you want, or if you have a good full-time Internet connection, online fruit machines are exactly what you are looking for. Everything you need is to google which of previously mentioned is the most appropriate for you and enjoy! For instance, write “free online 5 reel fruit machines with bonus” in the search line and you will see all casinos and websites with the free online 5-reel slots.

Where to Play 5-reel Slots?

Taking into account that free five reel slots are very popular, it is not so difficult to find them in any casino. Another issue is which of a thousand 5-reel games developers are the best of the best? Here is a list of the leading slot providers:

  1. BetSoft
  2. Microgaming
  3. Playtech
  4. RTG
  5. Rival Gaming
  6. Novomatic
  7. Betconstract

Be sure that their productions is qualitative indeed, as a lot of players prefer them in front of other fruit machines developers.


One-armed bandit is a kind of culture in the gambling world with their own rules and obligations. 5-reel slot is a favorite slot of every third gambler, because they are rather simple, profitable and advantageous. So do not waste your time thinking about which kind of puggies choose, rely on your gut instinct and have a nice time gambling!

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